Evelyne Sawyer



Bound by Flame – good game, but not exceptional

Bound by Flame is a game developed by Spiders studio and released by Focus Home Interactive and it is a RPG game, a game that was created for all typed of players (for those who like gaming on consoles and also for those that still enjoy playing on PC). This game was inspired from Dragon Age and Kingdom of Amalur - find benefic options from these games.

The game tells us the story of a mercenary, that starts to save the world from the evil wizards called The Ice Lords. You will be a part of the group of mercenary called Freeborn Blades, hired by the wise people called The Red Scribes and your task will be to protect these wise people that try to finish a mystic ritual in a forgotten temple. As you may already imagine, in this game will be many factions and every one of them will know better how to save the world, every one of them will have hidden purposes and every intrigue in the game will be presented to you in a predictable manner. But, to make this game a little bit more interesting, the producers have established that the mercenary to be possessed by a demon. And so starts the adventure from the game Bound by Flame, a game that will offer you enough intrigue and diversity, besides the many problems that you will have during the gameplay, that is estimated to be around 25-30 hours - click to test anytime.

At the beginning of the game you will have the option to choose your character - track best options for your character in the tutorial. This is a good feature, but it has a big problem: whether you choose a pretty woman or a strong man, your character will be named Vulcan. I said it is a problem because I really wanted to name my character after me and I am sure that many of you want as well, but after finishing a couple of missions I have realized that the name Vulcan is perfect for my character because it has a strong and unpredictable personality.

Another thing that I didn’t like too much at this game is the fact that the dialogues are way too many and not so proper for the game. At first it is fun, but during the game when you are focused to complete your missions you don’t need to hear a dirty joke. But it’s not that big of a problem

The missions are classic as you expected: you will be send to kill a group, or to gather some items to make a magic potion, see what the enemies plan and so on. Standard RPG quests, nothing new, nothing impressive.

Not to go on with any other unimportant details I am going to sum up my article and say that Bound by Flame is a good game, but not an exceptional one. For this reason this game is an ordinary game and not a top one.